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ONO Fusion Dining

ONO Fusion Dining

Located in Kop van Zuid in the world port city of Rotterdam, you will find Restaurant Ono.

The place for a tantalising taste experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Here you will experience innovative creations and craftsmanship.

Our cooking style is based on Japanese cuisine with European influences led by chef Daniel Kwan.


A highly creative and artisanal kitchen, such as the preparation of Unagi Kabayaki from live eels using traditional Japanese techniques combined with modern European techniques.

”In Asia, fatty raw fish is consumed at a cold temperature. This creates a fusion between the temperature differences of the fish and our own body heat, resulting in a melting fish on your tongue. Hamachi with wasabi ice cream, avocado mousse complemented with the fresh acidity of yuzu.”

-Asian cooking philosophy executed in a modern European way.-

Each dish has a concept related to temperatures, flavours, and textures.

We love to express our never ending creativity in our ONO Xperience menu


ONO Xperience menu

-The ultimate Ono experience-

With the ONO Xperience menu, we take you on a culinary journey focused on gastronomy, innovative and surprising creations in a relaxed atmosphere.

A la Carte

Of course, we still have our A la Carte!

But done in our own way.


To ensure quality, we only serve a set menu for groups of 7 or more, A la Carte is unfortunately not possible.

If interested, please send an email to

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.